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Aroona Luxury Boat Charters was excited to be involved in a recent project aimed at restoring damaged sections of the Great Barrier Reef. Aroona played host to eminent marine scientists from Cairns’ own James Cook University among others. Our crew worked tirelessly alongside members of the project to assist in collecting coral spawn and transporting to rearing ponds to then be placed on damaged sections of reef in the hopes of regeneration. The health of our beautiful coral reef is an issue close to our hearts and it was an honour to be a part of this project. Although we have seen areas of reef looking very sick.
Aroona has a permit that allows us to move around the reef and show our guests the best pristine locations. The Great Barrier reef is over 2300km with over 2900 islands, there is still thousands of amazing locations to explore. If you want more information please feel free to call us to better understand the state of our GBR. 
For more info on the project click here.

‘Gravid Adigitifera’
Image: Katie Chartrand/JCU