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Over the last 8 years Aroona has led expeditions between Sydney and Broome. Our range of activities stretch as far as your imagination can take you. If you want to just cruise the Great Barrier reef and enjoy our chef’s delights or add in some adventures, we have it all on offer. Choose from one of our many activities – swim with whales, kitesurf, scuba dive, snorkel, free dive, spearfish, bird watch, catch record size fish and much more. Call or email to customise your ultimate holiday.

Captain Ross Miller or Joe Buck will be on hand to make sure you get the most out of your time aboard Aroona.  Suggested activities for your consideration include:
  • Snorkeling / scuba diving
  • Light tackle fishing
  • Bottom fishing
  • Guided barramundi fishing
  • Spearfishing
  • Mothershipping 
  • Coastal exploring
  • Island hopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Whale watching / swimming with minkie whales (in season)
  • Kitesurfing
  • Standup paddle boarding

One Day Trips

Vlasoff Cay Itinerary

(Full Day)

Depart from Yorkeys Knob marina at 8am for a 1.5 hr cruise to the edge of the Great Barrier Reef where you can set your fishing line or just sit back and enjoy the colours of the reef with morning tea and a tropical fruit tasting. Arrive at approximately 10am at a specially selected location for a snorkel, dive, fish or just relax while your crew pampers your every need. Following a gourmet lunch, choose between a dive/snorkel, a walk at the breath-taking Vlasoff sand cay or a swim in the shallow crystal blue waters. Kick back on the cruise home over cold drinks and canapés before arriving at Yorkeys Knob marina at approximately 5:30pm.

  • Maximum 12 guests
  • Includes light breakfast, lunch and canapés provided by a qualified chef.

Vlasoff Cay Itinerary (Overnight)

Get more time soaking up the Great Barrier Reef by staying overnight in one of our luxury guest cabins. While enjoying your evening drinks and canapés on the top deck, our gourmet chef will create an unforgettable meal for you to enjoy while watching the sunset over the sea. Wake up to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast while cruising back to the marina, arriving at approximately 10am.

  • Maximum 7 guests
  • Includes 2 breakfasts, lunch, canapés, dinner and dessert provided by a qualified chef.

Fitzroy Island Itinerary

(Full Day)

Depart Yorkeys Knob marina at 8 am for a 2.5 hour cruise out to beautiful Fitzroy Island. Guests can enjoy a stroll around the island and learn about some of the Great Barrier Reef’s maritime history or make the climb to the light house. Snorkel or dive on the fringing reef, stand up paddle board around the reef and island or enjoy the serenity and comforts of Aroona. A day trip to Fitzroy Island includes a chef prepared BBQ seafood lunch, tropical fruit tasting platters, canapés and non alcoholic beverages. You will finish off your fabulous experience by cruising back to Yorkeys Knob marina while enjoying sunset drinks.

Two Nights / One Day

Depart from Yorkeys Knob marina at approximately 5pm and travel up the coast taking in the rainforest back drop whilst enjoying drinks and dinner as the sun drops behind the mountain range. Awake to a remote location on the Great Barrier Reef where you can enjoy a full day of activities such as diving, fishing, water sports or simply relaxing. With evening approaching and not under pressure to rush back you can enjoy sunset drinks and canapés, fishing for dinner or perhaps a night dive. During the night Aroona will steam back to the marina where you will arrive in the morning for breakfast before departure. This is the best way to experience the reef in luxury with only a short period of time to spare!

Two Day Trips

Day One

Arrive at Yorkey’s Knob marina at 8am for a light breakfast on board before departing for one of the spectacular outer reefs. On the cruise out, soak up the sun and views of the tropical coastline or troll for mackerel or tuna that the chef can prepare for your gourmet lunch. The reef is yours to enjoy and we will cater to your every need. From light tackle fishing to snorkelling or diving at the best reefs in the Cairns region our skipper will ensure your day is filled with adventures you will never forget. Between all the activities offered on Aroona, you will feast on culinary treats provided by our chef for lunch, afternoon canapés and dinner. Sit under the stars on the top deck before settling in to your luxury cabin to get a good night’s sleep before another full day of adventures. While sleeping, your skipper will transport you to a new location where you will wake up refreshed and ready to start the day.

Day Two

Begin the day with a breathtaking sunrise over the reef and an alfresco breakfast on the aft deck. Spend the remainder of the day enjoying the underwater views, scuba diving or snorkelling. You can even finish off the day with a night dive and see the reef come alive after dark or navigate the patch reefs to find the perfect fish. Catch a tasty trout on a bottom line or chase red emperors. After another fun filled day on the reef, get a good night’s rest while the skipper cruises back towards the marina. Wake up to a light breakfast on board before departing.

  • Includes 2 breakfasts, lunches, canapés, dinners provided by a qualified chef.
  • Reef locations are weather dependent and may include Linden Bank, Spur, Onyx, Nicholas and Hope Reefs.

Three Day Trips

Arrive at Yorkeys Knob marina at 6pm to meet your crew and enjoy a delectable spread created by our gourmet chef before settling in to your cabin for the overnight cruise to the remote Ribbon Reefs. The Ribbons are world renowned for their coral diversity and richness of fish species. Spend the next two days exploring the reefs, underwater or topside, as the skipper shares his expertise on these remote locations. All meals will be provided by a qualified chef. The day’s activities will be adapted to fit your needs and desires. Activities can include fishing from our well equipped tender, drift dives on the reef walls and snorkelling or diving in the shallows amongst the coral gardens and giant clams. Spend your second night at a secluded reef anchorage. On your third night, the skipper will cruise south while you sleep. Soak up your last day strolling on a sand cay or sun baking on the bow. Canapés and drinks are served on the top deck while you reminisce over the last three days of adventures before arriving back at the marina.

  • Includes 2 breakfasts, lunches, daily canapés, dinners provided by a qualified chef.
  • Reef locations are weather dependent

Coral Sea Trip
(Six Days/Seven Nights)

Day One:

Arrive at Lizard Island

Fly to Lizard Island where you will board Aroona and meet your crew. Enjoy a delectable lunch created by our gourmet chef, before heading out to explore the majestic island in all its beauty. Climb up to Cook’s Look for a spectacular view of the Ribbon Reefs, hike over to Blue Lagoon and explore the southern side of the island, relax at the beach in Watson’s Bay or settle in to your cabin and discover the vessel’s luxurious amenities. Spend your first evening on the top deck with a sunset BBQ in the sheltered anchorage of Watson’s Bay.

Day Two:

Northern Ribbons and the World Famous Cod Hole

Wake up at the world famous Cod Hole where you can jump in with the giant potato cod or dive amongst the rich coral gardens where enigmatic creatures may appear from pygmy seahorses to reef sharks. Top side, cruise out into the deep blue and try your luck catching giant trevally, wahoo, mahi mahi and other game fish at the edge of the continental shelf. End the day with drinks and canapés while hoping to spot hundreds of spinner dolphins as they make their way out the reef passage to feed at sunset. After dinner get a good night’s sleep as your skipper transports you to the remote atoll, Osprey Reef, in the middle of the Coral Sea.

Day Three four and Five:

Osprey Reef

Enjoy three action-packed days at one of the best dive sites in the world. With 1000m vertical reef walls and visibility typically at 50m or more, you will be mesmerised by the underwater view. Drift dive past soft coral gardens, take in the massive schooling pelagic fish, and swim with the grey reef, silvertip and whitetip reef sharks as they cruise by. Keep your eyes peeled in the deep blue for the graceful manta rays and hammerheads coming in to get a clean on the reef. Try your luck at catching fresh fish for our skilled chef to prepare for your dinner after a long day on the water.

Day Six:

Ribbon 10 and Depart from Lizard Island

Return to the Great Barrier Reef for one last snorkel, dive and fish before cruising back to Lizard Island around midday. Our chef will serve up a final gourmet feast before you catch a flight home after one of the most memorable weeks of your life!

  • Reef locations are weather dependent

Optional extras to make your trip stand out from the rest…

  • On board masseuse
  • Expert marine biologist (shark researcher, coral ecologist or whale scientist); guides and special topic lectures optional
  • Kitesurfing instructor
  • Helicopter tours from a sand cay
  • Crocodile tours in the Daintree River (3 day trips or longer only)
  • 4WD tours from Cape Tribulation (3 day trips or longer only)
  • Dive instructor and diver qualification courses

Seasonal Expeditions


Special Seasonal Expeditions

  • Far north Great Barrier Reef expeditions
  • Minke whale expeditions (Winter months only June-July)
  • Coral spawning trips (Oct-Nov)
  • Mothershipping to Game Fishing Fleet (October-November)
  • Research and film charters
  • Barramundi and estuary fishing charters
  • Shark research expeditions with local researchers

From March to June, Aroona will be on its remote expedition for the Barramundi fishing season. After all the rains of the wet season, rivers are flowing with many species of fish and wildlife which makes for amazing angling and spectacular birding. We will be offering guided barramundi fishing trips for groups of 6.

Aroona is an adaptable vessel with enough space to cater for smaller film crews and research groups.

Customised Trips, Fly In/Fly Out and Far North Options

All trips can be tailored to suit a desired number of days and locations for your personalised trip. Other itineraries can include the picturesque Hinchinbrook Island, south of Cairns, where you can enjoy barramundi fishing, discover the lush rainforests on a leisurely walk or hike or, choose to unwind and absorb the beauty of your own remote island in the far north.

To maximise your time and experience on the Ribbon Reefs, fly in and/or fly out options are available from Cooktown, Lizard Island, Lockhart River, Hicks Island or a remote sand cay. By reducing cruising time to and from Cairns, you can maximise your time in the remote north.

Contact us for further details and to customise your trip.

Call Ross Miller on +61 409903193