The Queenslander Weekender program on channel 7, joined us at Lizard Island for an amazing few days cruising the Great Barrier Reef.

Their comments were:

“Imagine: your own luxury boat with chef and experienced deckhands taking you to pristine sections of the reef – remote wilderness that barely sees one boat a week, let alone each month.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves gently lapping against the hull, moored up against a reef that you’ve got to yourself, ready to be explored.

Imagine kiteboarding over some of the most spectacular colours you’ve ever seen, just you with the wind in your hair, the sail in the sky, knowing there’ll be a long, hot freshwater shower waiting for you once you’ve done your ride.”

Click through to the show segments below:

For a birdseye view of the Great Barrier Reef and introduction to Aroona click here

For diving click here

For kiteboarding, snorkeling, fishing and feasting, click here

For swimming with Minke whales click here