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There are hundreds of shipwrecks that have never been found on the Great Barrier Reef, and our guests can join in the search. Aroona will be revisiting the Far Northern GBR in October, November and December, taking part in the Great Reef Census. These expeditions involve conducting coral surveys but also focusing on undiscovered history that could lie beneath the surface. When adventure-driven guests spend lots of time in the water exploring remote areas there is always a chance of finding something new.

On our last trip, our guests discovered what looked to be stones scattered across the reef and ocean floor. We documented our findings and sent what information we could to the Department of Heritage and Environment. We were excited to learn that the stones were part of a shipwreck from the mid-1800s, a significant find – most likely a vessel of around 300 tonnes. With further research, we discovered it could be possibly 1 of 4 wrecks. On a previous expedition, we came across evidence of a different wreck and also a mine. The Navy promptly attended to and secured.

The Far Northern Great Barrier Reef is a rarely visited wilderness with amazing reef life and great coral cover. If you would like to get involved in Great Reef Census, with the added bonus of discovering some history, get in touch, we would love you to join us on one of these remarkable expeditions.

Ballast stones, likely from a ship in the 1800’s, found on one of our recent expeditions.