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Great Barrier Reef Diving Tours

Diving the Great Barrier Reef is nothing short of a diver’s paradise. Known as the largest living organism on earth, it won’t disappoint with spectacular displays of coral and fish life that will keep you more than occupied on every dive. Each dive site we visit on the Great Barrier Reef has its own personality from exploring the Ribbon Reefs around Lizard Island or into the remote far north Great Barrier Reef. Aroona has spent many years in the most remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef and continues to find pristine reef without another boat in sight.

The Great Barrier Reef divides the Coral Sea along the continental shelf providing the ultimate dive locations, from sheltered coral gardens to open vertical walls.

Osprey Reef Diving Tours

Travel past the boundaries of the Great Barrier Reef and you will find your self amongst ancient volcanoes that have transformed themselves over the millennia into the world’s best-kept secret for divers. One of these towering seamounts, Osprey Reef, is situated 190 nautical miles north east of Cairns in the Coral Sea. Osprey Reef rises 2000 metres from the ocean floor to be surrounded by crystal deep blue waters making it an oasis for all kinds of sea creatures large and small, some well known and others yet to be discovered. The most northern point of Osprey Reef is North Horn. This is where the all currents converge to create a rich environment for all kinds of wildlife. A dive at North Horn is like no other, with schooling barracuda, tuna, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and schools of hammerhead sharks. Come and join Aroona for the diving experience of a lifetime. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, we can tailor your diving trip to suit your needs and skill level.

Experience on the reef

Ross Miller and Joe Buck, the two captains of Aroona, have been exploring uncharted waters in the Far Northern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea collectively for over 20 years, spending as much time below the water as above. Ross and Joe have worked with film and television crews including the BBC and National Geographic. They have worked with marine scientists to tag tiger sharks, study the largest green sea turtle rookery in the world, led coral monitoring expeditions to the most northern sections of the GBR, and helped study dwarf minke whale behaviour and movements…to name just a few! They have also had the privilege to lead a Guinness World Record kite surfing expedition “Kite The Reef” to help fundraise for motor neuron disease. We haven’t even mentioned the diving they do in the most remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef, their guided fishing into the unspoiled estuaries and reef systems of the Cape York Peninsula, and the adventures go on and on…

If you are looking for a dive on the wild side, whether it be with the giants of the Coral Sea or exploring the smallest creatures of the coral gardens, the team at Aroona can take you to the underwater wonderland you are looking for on the Great Barrier Reef.