Outer Reef Yachts.

We often hear from our guests what a comfortable ride Aroona is. We thought we would introduce you to her makers, Outer Reef Yachts from Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Extended cruising in luxury and safety is the basic concept for an Outer Reef Yacht.

Founder and CEO Jeff Druek built his first boat at age 13 and worked on it commercial fishing in the Long Island area, learning first-hand the value of a solid vessel.  Later in life the now experienced custom home builder and ex merchant marine sailor decided on a larger yacht build, however found he could not get what he wanted from another boat builder.  Naturally, he decided to build the boat himself and Outer Reef Yachts was born.

Jeff tells us “every, every, Outer Reef is different from every other Outer Reef”. This approach to delivering a product revolving around the customer’s needs still stands Outer Reef yachts in good stead today.  The custom nature of the yachts allows owners to focus on their planned usage and make changes to suit.  When a customer and boatbuilder put ideas together it can help develop an even better standard for future builds as well.  Jeff says “Every change improves all our boats, because good ideas foster more ideas. We don’t just change the fabrics and the door hardware”.

The only thing that won’t change is the commitment to quality and seaworthiness.  An Outer Reef must be fit for its intended use plus more.  All Outer Reef Yachts are built to open Ocean Category “A” (wave heights 18-20′ and sustained winds of over 40 knots).  Perhaps owners plan to just use the yacht for coastal hops, but open ocean readiness is a must and the vessel was built to the high standard needed for a more extensive voyage.  Jeff enjoys the sea trials with customers particularly, noting that “with the question of quality proven in all types of sea conditions, you can see the relief in the prospective customer’s eyes, along with intrigue…they are feeling a sense of absolute joy, having found the boat they were hoping for. You can see their heads spinning with cruising plans, itineraries, and wish lists…and when you are as passionate about yachting as we are here at Outer Reef, that’s exactly where your head is supposed to be”

Aroona is an outer reef 700, a model that recently won two awards for “Best Long Range Cruising Yacht” in her size range.  With a construction and layout all about maximum volume this 21.8m length model feels like a much larger yacht. Comfort is also paramount, and stabilisers are fitted for smooth travelling. This proven design fits extended Barrier Reef cursing perfectly and the 700 is noted for her great range and sea keeping ability.  Some of the world’s most pristine and beautiful reef systems, coral cays, islands and remote rivers are all easily in range for Aroona.

We explore the pristine waters of the Great Barrier reef year-round, and are also gearing up for our second expedition to the Kimberley National Park.  Get in touch HERE if you would like more information on our expeditions. Or check out more from Outer Reef Yachts HERE