Kite The Reef

Kitesurfing Cairns

Kitesurfing is a passion for Aroona. In 2015 Ross and Joe led a group of 8 kitesurfers on a Guinnnes world record trip “Kite The Reef” over 10 days, covering the reef from Cairns to the tip of Cape York Australia, 1237km. If you want to kitesurf huge downwind runs, flat water of the reef tops or the flat water behind the longest sand cays you have ever seen, our team at Aroona can take you there.

Kitesurfing runs through our blood. Ross Miller was a pioneer of kitesurfing back in 1988. When windsurfing was the sport to take on the wind Ross was launching his kites on Cairns beaches getting dragged about on anything he could find, from a water ski with a school seat attached, a kneeboard, then eventually putting straps on his single fin “Shane” surfboard. This proved to be the key to a good downwind run with his Peter Lynn foil kite.

Ross and Joe continue to explore the remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef for the ultimate kite location. Contact us for more information.

Ultimate sand banks sessions

In the middle of the Great Barrier Reef there are sand banks with flat water as far as the eye can see.

Outer reef and downwind

Learn to kitesurf

If you are ever going to get first class treatment learning to kitesurf its here at Aroona on the sand banks of the Great Barrier Reef. We will take you to locations with no trees, objects or other people to worry about. With the support of our inflatable tender to follow you, with an experienced kite instructor on board to give direct instructions and assistance, you will be on the outer reef in no time.