Come on an Aroona flats fishing expedition – with Tropical Sportfisher, Rory Brooks.

When did you first find yourself with a rod and reel in your hand?

When I was five, on the weekends, my dad would take my brothers and sister for a swim down the creek in the summer. I would sit on the bridge and fish while everyone else would swim.

How many years have you been fishing the Great Barrier Reef?

Twenty-five years, my first ever GBR fishing experience was with Ross Miller (Aroona Skipper) on their family boat, “Early Bird.”

Why catch and release?

Sport fishermen prefer shallow water catch and release sportfishing due to the enjoyment of being close to the action and the ability to see the fish clearly. Additionally, it supports conservation efforts by causing minimal impact on the fish being caught and released in shallow water.

Fishing guide, Cairns

What fishes can you expect to see and catch?

The GBR flats are home to almost every iconic flats target species from across the globe species, all in one place. 

Permit, GT, Golden Trevally, Spangled Emporer, Trigger Fish, Tuskfish, Blue Bastards, Napoleon Wrasse, Queenfish, Bluefin Trevally, Cobia and many more.

Is there an opportunity for the heli fishing of the Great Barrier Reef?

Yes! Guests are flown into remote airstrips in Cape York to spend more time fishing and less time travelling when on board.

What do you love about private charters on board Aroona?

Accessing remote, untouched fishing locations is my favourite part about Aroona trips. The bonus is having a complete luxury mothership for guests, complete with an onboard chef catering meals at the end of each day.

Private chef

What does a typical day look like with you on board as a guide?

Every guide day starts with a cappuccino from Aroona’s coffee machine and a chat with the other guides and skipper about the plan for the day ahead. 

Prepping the fishing dories and a quick brief with the guests/anglers

Set off fishing for the day and offer the best options to suit the conditions.

Find a nice spot for lunch, followed by more fishing.

Return to Aroona by the set time, and after cleaning up the dories, I’ll enjoy a beer with the guides and guests, chatting about the day’s adventures.

Early to sleep! Every night before a guiding day!

What’s the best time of year to flats/fly fish on the Great Barrier Reef?

The best time of year to score light winds and calm seas is throughout the Summer, October- March. The Great Barrier Reef offers protection from the swell-up on the flats, and the water is crystal clear and fishable every day of the year!

Do you have a favourite fly or rod reel combo?

My 12 wt outfit is my favourite.

Favourite species to pursue and why?

Permit are my favourite fish to target on fly due to the challenge they are to see and convince.  Giant Trevally are a close 2nd. They are so fast and powerful and big or small, they are always lots of fun.

How would a keen enthusiast learn more about fly fishing?

I recommend looking into the species available in your local area, getting some casting lessons, and hiring a guide for hands-on experience.

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