Join our resident expert, Rory Brooks for a tailored Fly-fishing holiday. Rory grew up fishing for jungle perch and sooty grunter along the banks of the Mulgrave River which eventuated into an obsession with barramundi fishing. Currently based in North Queensland he also spent several years in Arnhem Land perfecting his craft. He now provides dedicated sport fishing options for anglers on board Aroona.

Most anglers in North Queensland stick to the deeper waters and are restricted to short distances from coastal towns.  Aroona has the range and capability to head into a vast array of coastal, island, and sand cay flats far away from most other fishermen.  The options would take years to explore and may see you fishing areas that have never seen a lure or fly.

The Aroona can travel into East Cape York with ease and our crew can assist you to fish vast shallow sand and reef flats. Wade or fish from our tenders to target iconic species such as Permit, Giant Trevally (GT), and Blue Bastards.  The huge array of other species in these areas can also throw in plenty of surprises.

Getting up on top of the reef as the tide allows is another option for light tackle and fly fishing.  Sandy and rubble bottom with scattered coral heads can provide adrenaline-filled action, Coral Trout, Giant Trevally,  ‘Tropical Snappers’ (Lutjanidae), and ‘Emperors’ (Lethrinidae) ambushing a presentation amongst the coral.  Many of these species are great eating and can contribute to your onboard menu.  With heavier gear you can also target the Spanish Mackerel, Dogtooth Tuna, and larger GT patrolling the reef edges.

The huge diversity of fishing options and species available combined with truly remote areas makes the Great Barrier Reef an exciting prospect for the adventurous angler.

Contact us to arrange an expedition and to discuss the best times and tides to target your preferred options in this world-class sportfishing destination.

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