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2020 on Aroona Luxury Charters.

For most of January, we’ll be on this slip getting Aroona tip-top for the coming year.

During February, we like to welcome guests celebrating Chinese New Year.  We are also available for fishing or diving, adventures. It’s a great time of year to be under the sea.

In March we start our migration to the Kimberley Region via Horn Island, Gove, and Darwin.

We welcome our guests onboard from the start of April to explore the King George and Prince Regent Rivers. If you would like to join us in the Kimberley, we have the 29th of April until the 6th of May still available!

This is a once in a lifetime bucket list opportunity to visit one of the worlds great wilderness areas.  Read more about our Kimberley adventures here:

Aroona returns to the east coast of Australia in June in time for Minke Whale season! Only a few lucky people get the chance to swim with Dwarf Minkes each year. These six-tonne creatures are renowned for their fascination with humans – they’re so curious they have been known to spend hours swimming back and forth around divers, making eye contact and even bringing their young in for a look. They are only here on the Great Barrier Reef for a brief period each winter, with the high season for swimming with Dwarf Minke whales usually mid-June to mid-July.  Last year we had the pleasure of introducing actor-comedian Bill Bailey to the Dwarf Minkes. Here’s what he had to say:

 “What an unforgettable trip on the Aroona. We are still on cloud nine after an amazing week.  Just being on the reef, among such extraordinary natural beauty and wildlife is amazing enough but the whale experience is on another level entirely. The Minke whale encounters will stay with us for a lifetime. Thanks for managing them so expertly and generally being excellent crew and company.”

Following Minke season it’s time to get the kites out. The end of July through August is prime time for kitesurfing, so grab your favourite 7 friends and come and enjoy some of the most unique kitesurfing in Australia!

September through October the winds usually drop out and we love to get under the sea. Calm conditions and great visibility creates the perfect backdrop to an amazing Great Barrier Reef diving holiday.

October and November kick off the heavy tackle season. We love to offer Aroona as a luxury Mother ship. Fish your heart out all day then retire to comfy beds, frosty beverages, and a 5-star chef at night. November also sees the annual mass coral spawning event. Learn more about coral spawning here.  This year we were an integral component of the Coral Restoration Project and we look forward to keeping you updated on the success of our coral IVF!

December always comes around so fast with an action-packed year on Aroona. If you would like a break from the normal end of year madness, why not welcome in the new year out on the Coral Sea with us! It would be our absolute pleasure to host you.

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