Distances – 

A majority of the time Aroona travels through the night to ensure guests maximise their time exploring a healthier and more remote reef or river system. 

Travel Time – 

  • • From home port to Vlasoff Cay allow 1.5 – 2 hours 
  • • From home port to the Ribbon Reefs is between 8-18 hours 
  • • From home port to Lizard Island is apprximately 18 hours 
  • • From home port to Osprey Reef is approximately 25 hours 
  • • From home port to Princess Charlotte Bay is approximately 30 hours 

 Optional flight destinations (to reduce time)  

  • • Cooktown 
  • • Lizard Island 
  • • Portland Roads 
  • • Lockhard River 
  • • Hicks Island 
  • • Horn Island Torres Straights  

Various operators who fly to these destinations – 

  • • Hinterland Aviation 
  • • East Air 
  • • Daintree Air 
  • • Skytrans  

Romote and quiet locations- 

Throughout the year Aroona is likely to see only 2 other vessels on places such as the Ribbon Reefs and further into the northern Great Barrier Reef we rarely see any other vessels. 

First Aid – 

Due to the remoteness and areas of our operations we carry a Royal Flying Doctors kit, Oxygen (o2) cyclinder, and a defibrillator and all the crew are first aid trained. 

Other Information – 

  • • Aroona is fitted with stabalisers to reduce roll and provide more comfort 
  • • Sea Sickness medicaton is advisable especially if you’re susseptible to motion sickness 
  • • All linen, towels and beach towels provided 
  • • Internet coverage can be limited depending on Aroona’s location 
  • • Satalite phone / boat phone is available upon request 
  • • 240 volt power throughout the boat and plugs in each cabin for guest conveience 
  • • Airport and Accommodation transfers to / from Aroona can be arranged upon request 
  • • Aroona stocks limited toiletries supplies such as; sanitary items / toothbrushes / shavers etc 
  • • Aroona has some merchandise items available on-board 
  • • A selection of magazines / books / board games / music and movies are available for guests convienience and comfort 
  • • Extra activities and special sports exuipment can be arranged upon request 
  • • Washer and Dryer is available on-board and the host will take care of all you washing 
  • • Daily cabin service/ cleaning is provided by our hostess 
  • • Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars