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June / July 2016 Minke Whale Special

It's that time of the year again where the beautiful Dwarf Minke Whales migrate into the tropical waters of far north Queensland.

Join Aroona and the team for a truly unforgettable journey. Get up close with these extraordinarily inquisitive beings for a profound connection that'll last a lifetime. 

There is still availability for the Dwarf Minke Whale expeditions so contact Aroona today to secure your place

Do yourself a favour and get on board this incredible special!

“Aroona” is offering a one off special where you are not required to charter the entire boat. You can book as one person on our 5 day trip.


Special offer includes;

Charter flight Cairns to Lizard Island

5 day / 5 nights on board ‘Aroona’

Guided Minke tour

Guided snorkelling and optional scuba diving the Ribbons Reefs

All Chef prepared meals

Permits and fuel

Return to Cairns Marina


Aroona and Kite The Reef break world record!

Chopper Rescue from Aroona for Kite The Reef

It was an epic kite boarding adventure featuring animal encounters and daring chopper rescues but the team made it, 10 days, 1000kms covered and $114k raised for MND research to date.


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All donations go directly to MND research.

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An Ocean of Inspiration on-board the Aroona…

Naomi Gittoes 01Naomi Gittoes travels the world diving deep in to creativity.

An internationally recognised Visionary Artist, Free Dive, Scuba, Yoga and Meditation coach Naomi shares her love for the ocean and knowledge of the arts, to guide and facilitate others in their unique creative expressions.

Offering a fully customizable luxury live aboard charter with an artistic twist!


Kite the Reef

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The Double Secret Promo Day

So we found ourselves at the Yorkies Knob boat club, asking whether any vessels would be interested in helping us out. It was then that we met Ross Miller. Now let it be said that we weren’t looking for a ‘nice’ boat, and when they mentioned the name “Aroona” we were expecting just an average glorified tinnie. However walking down the arm of the marina we were left mouths gaping upon one of the most gorgeous boats we’ve ever seen. A true gentlemen, he welcomed us aboard and patiently listened to our proposition. Keen as mustard, Ross showed off the luxury vessel, leaving us drooling more. And more we got!