An Ocean of Inspiration on-board the Aroona…

Naomi Gittoes 01Naomi Gittoes travels the world diving deep in to creativity.

An internationally recognised Visionary Artist, Free Dive, Scuba, Yoga and Meditation coach Naomi shares her love for the ocean and knowledge of the arts, to guide and facilitate others in their unique creative expressions.

Offering a fully customizable luxury live aboard charter with an artistic twist!

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; a world renowned dive destination, provides the ultimate inspiration! Colours and life are abundant on one of the most diverse and vibrant ecosystems on the planet.

Aroona and Naomi Gittoes offer the opportunity for you to create quality artworks using paint, pencil, pastel, ink, watercolour and sculptural mediums.

Naomi will facilitate and guide your art practice with one on one or group workshops specially designed for the ultimate artistic adventure!

Develop new and existing art practices in a nurturing and loving environment with options to combine yoga and meditation, as well as freediving and scuba diving with Naomi as your guide, exploring your creative potential to the fullest.

For more information about Naomi Gittoes please visit her website and facebook page, Naomi Gittoes Artist page.

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