Aroona hosts the energy drink 'Red Bull' wake boarding team

redbull 01Red Bulls wake boarding experts create the first ever winching session on the Great Barrier Reef. 
Ross the Captain of Aroona and some of his crew assisted the professional wake boarders in testing the winching cable at the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon on the Saturday before the heading out to Vlasoff Sand Cay with the Red Bull team.



redbull 03

A winch course was setup in the lagoon, crew used the Seabob underwater scooters to generate wake and obstacles for the riders to test cables and ensure the smooth running of equipment for the next day.

Tourist and local spectators enjoyed watching this event as they sunbathed and Barbequed around the lagoon. Sunday was an adrenaline filled day with some of Australia's top wake boarders pulling off big tricks over the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sredbull 02uper charged, jet skis were blasting around in the deeper water away from the reef, whilst camera crew hung out of helicopters to capture the footage of this energised, fun, action fuelled day.