March News

Awebsite news 012roona's been getting around!

Getting around the top of Australia that is. March took us up the Ribbon Reefs with a film crew capturing the best of the Great Barrier Reef. As usual the Ribbons Reefs exceeded expectations with fantastic fish and coral life. The amazing weather made it permissible for exploration and we managed to find some great new dive sites that we look forward to using in future Ribbon Reef trips. It doesn't get much better than that!

website news 010Heading even further North to Raine Island with National Geographic and Queensland National Parks and Wildlife we had a bunch of scientists onboard one being the Tiger shark man Richard Fitzpatrick. The objective was to satellite tag Tiger Sharks which we successfully managed to tag two. You can view the movements of the tiger sharks on the Catlin Seaview website.

website news 016Over Easter we had a charter island hopping through the bountiful Torres Strait, guests were overwhelmed with the abundance of fresh mud crabs, coral trout and mangrove jack (just to name a few). Guests had a great time spearfishing and diving the crystal clear waters around the islands before feasting on the delicious chef prepared seafood that they had caught.

website news 007The Gulf of Carpentaria and it's vast array of river systems, estuaries, prolific amount of wildlife and exceptional fishing was where we spent the last three weeks.

Having our newest addition to the fleet the 5.3m Southwind made fishing easy. Splitting the anglers and their guides into two tenders created lots of space and upped the stakes for the anglers.

website news 005Our First trip went from Horn Island to Weipa.  On the way we fished the Jackson, Scardon, Wedlock and Ducie rivers. The last two rivers really produced some excellent fishing with many Barramundi being caught.

Weipa to the Archer is where we took the second charter fishing the Archer and Love rivers. As predicted they certainly lived up to their reputation anglers were catching as many as 30 - 40 fish each in each session.

website news 015Not all of the fish caught were Barramundi, we had a selection of Barra, Saratoga, Trevally, Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Salmon and many Mud Crabs to choose from. Chef Dean put in his daily order and the experienced fishing guides chose the best of the catch to keep, which Dean prepared for our evening feast. 

The third charter we picked up guests in Weipa and followed a similar itinerary to the first trip fishing the rivers in reverse order. The fishing was excellent, anglers and guides were happy with the results and many fish were caught and released in the process.

website news 014We are now back in Yorkeys knob Marina in Cairns getting ready for our next adventure - World Oceans Day. 7th June 2013.

Aroona is teaming up with ReefLive which consists of Richard Fitzpatrick, Jaime Seymour and other scientists along with Tourism Queensland. We will be doing a ReefLive live broad cast under water from our 'Sea Studio' on the northern Ribbon Reefs. This event will stream live as a Google Hangout. 

 We are also getting excited about the up and coming Dwarf Minke Whale Season which runs from late May through to the end of July. There are still dates available for charter so please call or email for pricing.