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shark-girl 02

Shark Girl Documentary at Osprey Reef

At the Beginning of January we had an exceptional week of glassed out flat calm weather that fortunately coincided with a dive charter that had booked Aroona to Osprey Reef.
The charter was a documentary crew that were making a film about Madison Stewart aka “Shark Girl”.

shark-girl 01

As you can see from the photos the weather was beautiful one day and perfect the next. Diving the infamous shark dive ‘North Horn’ proved to live up to expectations providing us with great shark interaction and an impressive 40m+ visibility. Night diving at Osprey is always exhilarating as the film crew got to observe.

Other Dives included drifting along 2000 meter deep vertical walls looking into the big blue waiting for something to swim up from the deep like Hammerhead and Silver Tip Sharks, Dog Tooth Tuna, Schooling  Barracuda and Big Eye Trevally all of  which we did get to see and capture on film. It was an awesome trip. The Documentary crew couldn’t have been happier with the weather and their Osprey experience.

Feb 11/2013