You may be serious about catching giant black marlin, prefer the challenge of light tackle game fishing, would like to fish the estuaries for elusive barramundi or just enjoy casual fishing for dinner.  Whatever your choice, Aroona has you covered.  Aroona offers a wide variety of fishing options to suit your angling desires.

Heavy Tackle Game Fishing

Cairns has a well earned reputation for being a game fishing capital of the world.  Anglers travel here from all parts of the globe in pursuit of the giant black marlin that congregate here from September to mid-December each year. Cairn's close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef makes it the ideal location to access this vast magnificent Reef system.

For heavy tackle game fishing, in addition to Aroona you will require a game fishing boat; we can assist you in arranging this or we will work with you if you have someone you already use. Aroona will provide the service of a mothership providing luxury accommodation for yourself and your guests. You can spend your days fishing from the game boat and at the end of the day come back to very comfortable surrounds nestled in one of the many sheltered lagoons amongst the reef system. Enjoy relaxing evenings including culinary delights from our highly qualified chef. If the fishing is slow or the weather turns a little windy there is always the option to just spend the day lazing around Aroona either snorkelling, swimming or sunbathing.

Light Tackle Game Fishing

Although Cairns is best known for its  giant black marlin fishery it is also renowned for its light tackle fishing among the many reefs which make up the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to fishing from Aroona there is also the option of fishing from Aroona's well set up 5m tender which is ideal for light tackle fishing and exploring the abundant reefs.

There are many species available when light tackle fishing.  They include:  small marlin, giant trevally, sail fish, wahoo, spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna, dolphin fish (mahi mahi) as well as many other reef dwellers.

Estuary fishing

Aroona has access to two ideal locations for estuary fishing within reach of its home port: To the north is the area around Princess Charlotte Bay and to the south are the diverse estuary systems of Hinchinbrook Channel.

Both locations offer excellent fishing for a wide variety of species within the estuaries or among the nearby reefs.  You will be astounded by the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife that inhabit these areas.  It is not uncommon to spot dolphins, whales, dugong, crocodiles and an incredible variety of birds.

Both of these locations require a charter of at least five days and will incur a relocation fee.

Reef Fishing

There are endless options for those that wish to fish for reef fish, either from Aroona while she is moored or from her well equipped tender. All equipment is supplied and our chef will be more than happy to prepare and cook your favourite catch for dinner if you desire.

There are excellent reef fish to be caught on the Great Barrier Reef including red emperor, coral trout, spangled emperor, blue line emperor and many varieties of cod.

Please note: Aroona has a wide variety of quality fishing tackle to cater for most conditions but we also encourage enthusiasts to bring along their favourite fishing rod or specialist equipment.

All equipment is supplied on a replacement if lost or broken basis.

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